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Industries Vacuum Extraction

Preparing to kick off a new construction project? Why not take advantage of the economic and environmental improvements that vacuum excavation can offer?

Vacuum extraction is a safe alternative way to clear the debris and rubble created during a variety of different construction projects. It can cut down on the length of time it might take to complete your project, and offer an environmentally friendly alternative. 

Utility Projects

All utility and construction projects can pose an unnecessary risk to workers. But vacuum excavation can help alleviate these concerns by improving on-site safety. 


Construction projects can cause added pollution to surrounding areas and the atmosphere. So, it is important to ensure this is kept to a minimum. 


Working on highways? If so, it is vital to ensure your project doesn’t add unnecessary debris to the roads. Vacuum extraction helps to ensure this does not disrupt road users. 

Civil Projects

Many civil engineering projects require moving excavated debris and debris. Vacuum extraction can help achieve this with minimal added time constraints.

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At 365 Vacex, we know that construction projects take time to complete effectively. That’s why our trucks are available all day, every day; so you don’t have to worry about interruptions to your work. 

Our trucks can be on the road whenever you need them, for however long you need them. So, book one of our lorries today and be safe in the knowledge that we’ll always be on hand to help you. 

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